RED&WHITE is a specialist consulting business helping wineries looking to build share in the Global Market. With a particular focus on the UK and Europe, RED&WHITE offers a sales and marketing solution to wineries seeking to increase their sales and reinforce their brand image in the export market.

Master of Wine Liam Steevenson and Elizabeth Wilson have both been senior buyers at leading UK supermarkets and have extensive knowledge of the industry beyond that. This, plus their wide-ranging network of contacts throughout the global wine industry, puts them in an ideal position to offer a very direct route-to-market.

Steevenson explains: ‘In a global market with increasing pressure on margin, there is a greater need to minimise the gap between producer and consumer. We offer a truly flexible approach to sales and marketing; bringing the passion, enthusiasm and story of some of the world’s leading producers through to the consumer in as cost efficient a manner as possible.’

‘We recognise that trading successfully into Europe is becoming increasingly difficult due to global consolidation, market consolidation, distance from market, and fluctuating exchange rates. Global markets are becoming more and more competitive while market consolidation means that leading distributors are increasing their portfolios to gain share of distribution, creating yet more competition for producers. Distance from market makes gaining share of mind difficult, and frequently more than one distributor is necessary to achieve national coverage. At the same time, winemaker visits are valuable but need continual follow-up to maximise impact.'

'Finally, all markets are different and need individual attention and strategies, but the cost of a full time in-market brand manager is often prohibitively expensive. RED&WHITE can solve all these issues.’

Red & White's work generally covers the following four areas:

  1. Sourcing an importer, or in some cases retail partner or importer, for Global Wine Producers. 
  2. Sourcing Wine Producers for Wine Importers and Retailers.
  3. Creating innovative brands for Multiple retailers and Regional Merchants.
  4. Creating engaging strategies to successfully communicate brand stories to the consumer.
Rod McDonald Wines entered the UK and European markets with a view to building a multi-channel wine distribution platform. Red and White were appointed as our agents and set about developing a strategy to identify potential partners and initiate introductions.

In tandem with that, advising and creating a PR strategy around introducing our brand and business to key influencers and organisations in the market.

Elizabeth and Liam have provided us with the kind of market intelligence and advice you would expect from a couple of experienced wine professionals with 42 years combined experience.

Red and White offer a wide range of skills and influence in the UK and Europe and we are delighted to be a part of their growing business.

— Rod McDonald