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About us

We Collaborate with Winemakers Around the World

In creating Red & White, we decided to do something altogether different. We would no longer buy other people’s products, tell other people’s stories or pour other people’s wines. Instead, we would build a company that is driven by passion and collaborate with a talented pool of individuals, to create our own. We would stand behind them with the trepidation and nervous optimism of a producer. They would be both our risks and reflections of our dreams, hopeful of a reception.

Our Story

Our story began in the Roussillon, with a winemaking strategy drawn upon a piece of scrap paper. ‘Immortelle’ was a personal gamble, unbudgeted and unplanned. It was a two footed leap into the unknown, we had no idea if it would work, the first bottles opened cautiously in the privacy of our own homes.

El Garbi

A white wine followed, this time based around misunderstood wine-making techniques, that shaped the wines we liked in New Zealand. However, built around mineral, tight white Grenache planted long ago on the hills of Terra Alta in Spain. ‘El Garbi’ started with as little confidence as ‘Immortelle’, our belief only coming from those who held our hands.

Fincher & Co.

In New Zealand, we knew we had to be brave to find a voice. In a market saturated with perfect wines, there was no room for an imitator. We concentrated on site, built a narrative around place and pushed every winemaking button we could to create reactionary wines in a pool of certainty. Although this was our third project, ‘Fincher&Co.’ was the beginning of a company. The moment when customer reaction, demonstrated through purchases, created the compass bearing we have followed ever since.

The Team

As the team grew, luckily our egos did not. Enough stumbles have taught us the importance of the consumer in the journey, that integrating them into everything we did would be the only way we could continue. The MAÏA project in Provence, connected with the drinker from the start and made them feel special every time they pulled the cork. We took no steps backwards in our demands of high quality, but every decision was made on how it would be received.

People & Place

Over the last few years, our winemaking team has expanded to allow us to create individual wines that reflect people and place in Sardinia, Austria, India, the UK, Portugal and Spain. Our three barrels of Immortelle had grown into a million-bottle global production run, and investment in vineyards, winemaking equipment and long-term agreements.


RED&WHITE is a story of collaboration. We are not flying winemakers, we have no inherent style, there has never been any belief that we can do better than what was there before. We have found however, that by embracing the joy of working with vines, winemaking history and people that are indigenous to a region. We can create wines that we are very proud to call our own.



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