Entry Level Wines
Entry Level

I don’t want to say that anyone can make a memorable and appealing ‘expensive’ wine, but when money is no object, the choices one has as a winemaker are almost limitless. Want to use fruit that costs €10,000 euros a tonne? No problem. Want to use the best barrels for maturation? Of course, why not? Want to use an unusual bottle shape labelled with the best paper? Let’s do it! The problem with this approach is that the choices made in the wine’s production significantly increases the final shelf price without guaranteeing a wine capable of delivering an equivalent level of quality and enjoyment.

The reality is that most of us cannot afford to drink wines that cost in excess of £30 per bottle on a daily or even weekly basis, so I would say that the real skill lies in finding a way to produce wines that are interesting, characterful and delicious without breaking the bank. Every wine merchant wants to do this but wanting to do something and actually having the chops to do it…well that takes skill and experience. At Red & White we are lucky to have a number of highly able people working both with and for us that enable us to produce wines that consistently out-perform similarly priced wine.

This Spring we have some new wines that are punching significantly above their weight. These are:

Colibri Is a pretty and very moreish rosé that looks like it could come from Provence but actually comes from next door in the Languedoc.

Giant’s Castle is a bright and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa’s Western Cape. This will chime with those of you who love the perfume of Sauvignon from New Zealand but also the lime-like zestiness of the Loire.

Choosing which of these to buy is never easy, which is why we have put together a mixed case that features two bottles of each, plus a couple of bottles of (another red, flora and fauna. Le Lievre?) to balance it out. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoyed making them. They also set the tone for our whole portfolio and whilst some might describe them as ‘entry-level’, I prefer the moniker ‘value-driven’. Cheers.

Mark Pygott MW

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