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Flora & Fauna

Languedoc, France

Flora & Forna is a range of wines that we created to showcase the natural and varietal brilliance of the vineyards of the Midi. This area of the South of France is as abundant in wildlife as it is in vines, which carpet the land from the mountains to the sea.

Working closely with growers we have complete control over quality, ensuring that the natural flavours this this incredible terroir offers are carried all the way through to the glass. Liam manages the production of Flora & Fauna, working alongside a team of talented French winemakers, to ensure that whilst the wines are created for an international audience, they very much retain their sense of place.

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Estagel, Côtes de Rousillon Villages, France

Immortelle is a wine that we designed to reflect the remarkable region from which it comes. It is a wine of outstanding quality, produced within the Rousillon, in the foothills of the Pyrénées.

Although the wine varies from vintage to vintage, dependent on conditions, Immortelle is a wine that always combines freshness and vitality, characteristics which stem from the soil and the climate. The soil is granitic and poor. The climate is hard and extreme, combining the heat of the Southern sun with the cold and rain of the mountains at a height of between 350 and 600 metres, and the effects of the Tramontane wind. The vineyard sites are primarily in Tautavel and Latour de France and are principally composed of extremely old vines, many over 100 years old, and planted with Carignan, Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache Noir.

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El Garbi

Terra Alta, Spain

We decided to create El Garbi due to Liam’s fascination with the region, which was the topic of his dissertation for his Master of Wine exam. Following a summer in Priorat, he found that the most interesting wines were those produced from white Grenache found in the smaller and lesser known Terra Alta region.

We work with a tiny family winery in the heart of the Terra Alta region, where Liam discovered some outstanding Grenache growing high altitude with incredible natural acidity. We pick based on acid, and ferment and age the wine in 500l new French oak barrels from the master Tonnerlliers Boutes in Bordeaux. It is a bold wine style, but very much reflective of this outstanding region and its unique terroir.



Piedmont, Italy

We are really excited to have started working with SCARPA this year, consulting on their marketing and brand management as well as importing and distributing the wines in the UK.

SCARPA is a winery focused on excellent quality, sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking methods. Quality over quantity is at the heart of the business, as well as a commitment to a long ageing process, which takes place both in large oak barrels, or botti, as well as a long period in bottle. The wineries commitment to quality is also reflected in the use of their land. Of the 50ha of the estate, half is planted with vineyards and the rest with woodland and fields allowing the soil to stay healthy. No efforts are spared in the management of the vineyards to ensure that the grapes reach their full potential and quality, which is reflected in the finished product.



Nashik, India

India is one of the more complicated places to grow grapes suitable for wine production, as climatically, socially and economically the country faces more obstacles than most. However despite all of this, we feel that India will never be short of ambition, and this nation rich in colour and flavour should be taken seriously as a wine producing country with exports growing at an impressive rate.

For us, creating wine in this country of unmatched beauty was like a step into the unknown - a voyage of discovery, struggle and ultimate joy. Nashik, from where this oak-aged Syrah comes, is not new to exploration and discovery. Its temples have been a destination of pilgrims for thousands of years, for as long as the locals have been burning charcoal outside their homes. India transports your mind, body and soul to the ultimate ‘YAATRA”, which is where we derived the name of this unique wine.

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Fincher & Co.

Marlborough, New Zealand

We feel that New Zealand is all about terroir, and more specifically single site viticulture. From the beginning, we built Fincher & Co. around the importance of finding exceptional vineyards that highlight the intrinsic qualities and diverse nature of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Taking fruit from some of the best vineyard sites in New Zealand, we vinify them in a manner that respects the quality of the terroir. Patience in the vineyard is echoed in the cellar, resulting in wines that reflect place rather than pure fruit character. Deliberately low residual sugar levels in the Sauvignon Blancs move them away from the norm.

Fincher & Co. showcases the brilliance of New Zealand winemaking, with wines that are a true reflection of single site viticulture in Marlborough and Central Otago. This is a focused wine style made with both the independent customer and restaurant table in mind.


Rod McDonald

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Rod McDonald isn’t just your average winemaker. Having grown up on a farm dreaming of being a farmer, he headed to the bright lights of Hawke’s Bay. After 9 years at Vidal Estate he was awarded New Zealand winemaker of the year - no small achievement. Shortly afterwards he set up Rod Macdonald Wines and we are proud not only to distribute his award-winning wines, but also that he has become such a good friend along the way.

The Te Awanga Estate wines represent the special ground on which they are grown. From volcanic loess soils above a shallow clay pan which reduces the vigour and increases the concentration, this range of single estate wines show the intensity that a coastal climate and its associated sea breezes and cooler nights bring.

Rod’s ‘MISTER’ range does exactly what it says on the can. Small production, limited volumes of exciting wines - no one is breaking ground like Rod at the moment.