Colibri Rosé

Languedoc, France

Colibri ‘the hummingbird’ is a reflection of the Midi. The Midi is one of the most extraordinary regions, abundant and diverse in wildlife and nature. This diversity means that a wide range of wine styles thrive in this habitat.


For this project, we have chosen grape varieties and micro-climates specifically to craft an outstanding rosé wine. The grapes have been dedicated to rosé production from the outset, picker earlier than usual to retain higher acidity levels compared to other grapes dedicated for red wine production. The result is a wine with delicious freshness, composed of floral Syrah from high-altitude vineyards and soft Grenache to achieve an attractive mouthfeel and finesse.

It’s floral and fruity on the nose with bright flavours of raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and white peach. The wine has naturally high acidity and a cranberry bite, completing a wonderfully attractive wine. It pairs perfectly with seafood, summer salads and BBQ dishes or on its own as an early evening aperitif.


Vintage 2021

Syrah 60%, Grenache Noir 40%