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Trademark Syrah, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 2014

Trademark Syrah, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 2014


So then Rod, whats this wine all about?

This is where the story starts. In 1993 I arrived in Hawke’s Bay with a love for making wine and everything I owned packed into the boot of a small car. The plan was to figure out where to plant the best small vineyards as the first step towards unlocking the full potential of Syrah grown and raised in Hawke’s Bay. We’re up to four so far.
I first visited the Northern Rhône, the spiritual home of great Syrah, in 1995 and was blown backwards by the richness of the wines and the stories they told, by the unlikeliness of the vineyard plantings and the investment both financial and human.
By this international yardstick, we’re only just beginning to explore what’s possible here in Hawke’s Bay. Syrah, more than any other red grape variety planted here, tells a story about where it was grown and who made it. I believe it will become the most important red grape variety in Hawke’s Bay. It’ll become our trademark.

Very ripe fruit from an excellent Syrah vineyard planted over gravels. It shows admirable ripeness and depth of flavour, retaining vibrancy and great complexity on the nose and palate with typical violet, spice, black cherry and plum notes.

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