Red Case

We’ve packed this case with vibrant, fruity reds from around the world. Taste our ‘pretty’ Beaujolais, showstopping Syrah, delicious Garnacha Tinta and more.

We’ve put together a showstopping case of our red wines – just for you. Look forward to a well-balanced selection of fruity reds from around the world, to be enjoyed on their own or at a dining table with family and friends. We’ve included a saving of over 15% off the case price.

Case at a glance

  • Immortelle Petite Rouge – A well balanced, fresh wine that beautifully showcases the land where it was grown.
  • Immortelle – An incredibly fascinating wine, with complex aromas of spice and clove.
  • El Garbi Tinto – This wine is soft on the palate, juicy and very drinkable
  • Le Lievre, Minervois – A full-bodied wine, that demonstrates remarkable elegance.
  • Département 69 Fleurie – A very unique and delicate floral wine with plenty of ripe berry fruits for company.
  • Flora & Fauna Rouge – A rich blend with a freshness that makes it incredibly approachable and very ‘French’ in style.




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